Since 1941, our business has been built on the idea that innovative thinking must be met with manufacturing excellence.

From the early days of manufacturing ‘Bic’ pens to developing NZ’s most successful milking systems; from making Fisher & Paykel Healthcare equipment to becoming Pfizer then Zoetis’ number one global animal health manufacturer with CIDR – the global standard in slow release livestock fertility cycle control.

Our 80 years of history and performance is important, but what really matters is that we understand what it takes to develop, prototype, produce and scale a diverse range of complex products sold around the world.

Today, we’re here to harness this experience to support innovators on their journey to market. With proven success, from concept to commercialisation, we are able to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and compliant, scalable, registered, perfectly made products.

DEC comprises two manufacturing facilities: DEC Healthcare and DEC Plastics.