About DEC

What we do

DEC consists of two integrated facilities specialising in the development and manufacture of innovative technologies and pharmaceuticals solutions for human and animal health.

Our People

When a DEC engineer pauses to retool a state-of-the-art injection moulding machine, they are putting in place a small, perfectly placed, piece of a much bigger system. Learn more about our leadership, people and culture.

Our Strategy
+ Values

DEC is led with purpose and a strategic vision. Success is defined by our ability to ignite customers’ advancement in human and animal technologies.


DEC has been practising perfect since 1941.
For over eighty years, DEC has been defined by the idea that innovative thinking must be met with manufacturing excellence.

Global Markets

DEC distributes over nine million FDA-approved health devices to 56 international markets. Our links to global pharmaceutical brands, and big medical device businesses represents a worldwide network for your healthcare innovation.


DEC has achieved FDA approval into the highly-regulated US health market, and equivalent registrations (like MedSafe or TGA), assembling to ISO-13485 in our GMP facility.
We use our GMP capabilities to develop and manufacture Controlled Drug Release devices and other human and animal health products.