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DEC Pharmaceutical (DEC) is the New Zealand veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer of the CIDR® Insert – the Controlled Internal Drug Release progesterone insert used in the fertility treatment for cattle and sheep.

The CIDR® is a new Zealand success story, first developed in the Waikato, originally for the New Zealand market and has over the years, become a major animal health treatment aid used globally and through continued growth is now exported to seventy four countries. 

The CIDR® has a truly global reach and the treatment program supports effective animal breeding practices in established and emerging markets in all Continents, including the USA where the CIDR® is an FDA Approved Drug Product. Other significant export markets include Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada and Japan.

The DEC Pharmacuetical manufacturing site in located in Hamilton, employing 130 skilled staff working over a 24 hour / 5 day operation.

The CIDR® Inserts are manufactured and tested in a purpose built controlled -environment facility to maintain product manufacturing excellence, using modern custom designed mixing equipment and silicone injection moulding machines. Comprehensive pharmaceutical testing is also performed on site by a highly qualified team of analysts, technicians and scientists using state of the art analytical instruments. 

The world-class quality systems used throughout the manufacture, testing and despatch of the CIDR® Inserts, ensures that all CIDR® Inserts are produced under strict international cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) regimes. 

DEC is regularly inspected by the ACVM Group of MPI (New Zealand) who issue the Certificate of GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer which allows DEC to manufacture products for the New Zealand market and for export.

Other Regulatory agencies, such as the USA Food and Drug Administration routinely inspect the site and ensure all products are manufactured under strict controls for their market.

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DEC Pharmaceutical laboratory
DEC Pharmaceutical laboratory team
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